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Careers in Dubai - Resume Types
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Please select from 4 resume types that best describes your qualifications

Executive Resume
Since you must have achieved the highest level in your career and have also benefited number of employers in the past. Your resume would consist of strong key words. Emphasis must be placed on skills and achievements.

Professional Resume
A very challenging industry indeed, you have constantly updated your skills for advancement and have kept up with competition. You have excellent skills to offer to prospective employers. Your resume is more chronologically structured with emphasis on your certifications and objectives.

Entry Level & Fresh Grad Resume
If you have recently made a career change or have just graduated or maybe just on the look out for a position with a little work experience. You would need to have a strong objective that shows more direction and stability in your chosen career.

IT Related Resume
You are definitely in demand and have an edge in this competitive industry. Information Technology is the fastest growing career in the Middle East. Your resume layout is different from the bunch. It specifies exactly what you can do and at what levels you would be comfortable performing your skills.