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Careers in Dubai - Employers Feedback
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Q. What is the first thing that attracts you about a candidates resume ?

Q. What advice would you give to employees regarding a perfect resume layout or format ?

Burj Al Arab

Layout: Header must be attractive and the way the name is positioned.

Content: Must cover more experience and it is very important to indent and use proper font consistency and margins, because that only shows the candidates admin skills and attention to detail.

Cunningham Lindsey Middle East

Layout: Emphasis placed on experience and greater emphasis placed on the most recent one.

Content: The resume should not be more that 3 pages long, 2 would be good. Its good to have information on marital status and children if any, because of expatriate status so employees know what the expenses associated are.


Layout:Work experience and qualifications should be defined.

Content: Complete information, that does not mean you need to have many pages on your resume to, we can gather more information through 1 and half page resumes. Ideal resume - candidate must stress on achievements rather than responsibilities, the candidate must also be more descriptive on what exactly was achieved, they must also try to express energy and enthusiasm. The time worked for an employer and the candidates age does play a factor during the hiring process.


Layout: Current trend.

Content: A cover letter is not really required, and a 2 pages or less resume is preferred.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Layout: Experience of candidate is important, first screening is already done by recruiters before the candidates are sent to us, but we do require a personal profile.

Content: Not more than 3 pages, you can send 4 pages including a cover letter.


Layout: Career objective is important along with the candidates vision of what they want out of employment with our company.

Content: Since itís a technology company, resumes should be informative, but should not exceed 5 pages. For fresh grads, a 2 pages resume is preferred.